EMSculpt or EMSculpt Neo: Which Do I Choose?

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As a premier med spa in Austin, we see a lot of people who are interested in getting better body contours without surgery if at all possible. Two popular ways to achieve more in terms of muscle tightening and fat reduction include EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo. With nearly the same name, how can the two be all that different. And if they aren’t, why are there two options at all? We understand how difficult it can be to choose the perfect treatment for your unique needs. We’ve put together a brief guide here to help.

What are EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo?

EMSculpt is the first-generation muscle toning device to gain FDA approval. This nonsurgical treatment enhances muscle mass while also burning through unwanted fat cells. Treatment works with high-intensity electromagnetic pulses, HIFEM, which reach the deep muscle tissue and cause intense, involuntary supramaximal contraction. This remodels the muscle from the innermost structure. 

EMSculpt Neo also delivers HIFEM pulses to contract the muscles for a more toned look. Additionally, this device sends radiofrequency energy into deeper layers of the skin. Studies suggest that the addition of radiofrequency energy enhances the fat-burning and muscle-building effects of the electromagnetic pulses. 

Both treatment procedures build up muscle mass and target unwanted body fat simultaneously. Where they differ is in the way that they affect target tissues and which technology they utilize. 

What is the difference between EMSculpt Neo vs EMSculpt?

The difference between EMSculpt’s HIFEM energy and EMSculpt Neo’s HIFEM + radiofrequency is no small matter. The inclusion of this second type of energy has been shown to increase circulation to the muscles during and after treatment, causing accelerated tightening and building. The absorption of radiofrequency into the layer of fatty tissue also hastens the physical breakdown of fat cells to be metabolized by the body. Whether through EMSculpt or EMSculpt Neo, fat cells that are eliminated do not come back. 

What areas of the body can EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo treat?

These two treatments can each address issues in the following areas:

  • Abdomen. Reduce unwanted fat and gain a more defined six-pack
  • Buttocks. Tighter muscles here can provide a lifted effect. 
  • Arms. This innovative treatment can tighten and tone both the triceps and biceps.
  • Legs. Target concerns include saddlebags at the outer thighs and general circumference. 
  • Calves. Improve the shape and size of the calf muscles

The MedSpa Austin has two locations to serve you. Contact us today to learn more about our body contouring treatments, including EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo.



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