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It’s real, and more popular than you might think! Aesthetic treatments for the scrotum, such as Scrotox are gaining popularity. What is ScrotoxScrotox is just as it sounds, injecting Botox into the scrota.

Testicular Botox has many reported benefits, such as one being a treatment for excessive sweating. The primary benefit seems to be that it smooths out the wrinkles in the testes and makes them appear larger. Some have even reported it has improved their sex life and sensitivity!

How long does it last?

Similar to regular Botox injections, results can typically last 3-4 months.

Why Botox for the Scrotum?

Botox is suitable for addressing aesthetic aspects of the scrotum, and is popular amongst men who are looking to decrease the appearance of wrinkling on the scrotum. In addition to smoothing the scrotal skin, Botox also can facilitate the descent of the testicles making them hang lower and appear larger.

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