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What Is Thermismooth Body?

Thermismooth Body is a revolutionary new way to tighten and smooth your skin, and improve cellulite, without surgery.

Thermismooth Body is a powerful radiofrequency device that emits controlled radiofrequency heat at an optimum temperature for tissue rejuvenation. This allows you to experience tighter, more youthful skin.

The collagen production produced by the Thermismooth Body can help to tighten tissue, as well as eliminate unwanted fat right below the skin layer.

Our Thermismooth Body treatment package is designed to give you a maximum reduction of loose skin within a series of customized sessions. Our experienced medical aesthetic providers will make sure just the right amount of RF heat is delivered to your target area to get the results you want safely. All of our providers have recieved in-depth training, and have quite a bit of experience with this machine.

What Can Thermismooth Body Do For You?

Our Thermismooth Body treatment is ideal for non-surgical body contouring. If you are concerned with the following issues, this may be the treatment for you:

  • loose skin on the stomach
  • cellulite
  • saggy skin on the buttocks and thighs

This is the only machine in our office that has shown great improvements in cellulite reduction.

What Happens In A Thermismooth Body Treatment?

First you will have an initial complimentary consultation with one of our experienced medical aesthetic providers to determine whether Thermismooth Body is right for you.

You will be asked to remove all jewelry before you begin your session. During your Thermismooth Body treatment, a handpiece is used to glide along the skin comfortably, and will target the desired area(s) of improvement.

Is A Thermismooth Body Treatment Painful?

This treatment is very comfortable. Some patients even fall asleep. You will feel warmth and very light vibration in the target area. In some cases you will be asked to shave in the area to ensure the device gets a good connection to your skin.


Who Cannot Have A Thermismooth Body Treatment?

  • You will have to reschedule your appointment if you have an infection or cut in the target area.
  • This procedure might not be suitable for you if you’re highly sensitive to heat
  • Discuss your pacemaker, or metal implants with our medical aesthetic providers
  • Cannot be done over a tattoo

What Should I Expect After A Thermismooth Body Treatment?

There is literally no down time with this treatment. You may experience warmth or pinkness in the treated area, but this should all resolve quickly.

How Long Does This Treatment Take At Your Austin Medspa?

Each session only takes about 30 minutes.

What To Do After A Thermismooth Skin Tightening Treatment

  • Drink plenty of fresh water to help flush toxins.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 24 hours after your session.
  • Avoid tanning beds
  • Moisturize the treated area well

How Long Does It Take To See A Result With The Thermismooth Body?

It can take up to 6 months after a session to see an improvement, however, some patients notice an obvious reduction in her cellulite, and smoother skin even after just one month!

After each session, it will take about 3-6 months for your skin to remodel its collagen levels. This process, called collagenesis, will occur in the months following your treatment.

How Long Will The Effects Of Thermismooth Body Last?

The improvement noticed with this treatment will last as long as the effects of aging and the environment don’t take their visible toll. Touchups are suggested annually for maintenance.



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