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Austin Laser Fat Melting Minus The Pain Of Coolsculpting

Sculpsure Austin: How would you like to slim your arms and legs so that you look great in tight sleeves and skinny jeans again? Picture being able to go down a full waist size in your pants or once again fit into your favorite wrap dress. Imagine looking better in your swimsuit or fitting into clothes that are now too tight.

Some of us constantly workout on the treadmill or with weights but there are stubborn fat deposits in areas like arms, thighs, belly and love handles just can’t be “spot reduced” away no matter how hard we try. Scuplsure can help you reduce fat and look slimmer and trimmer without surgery! Scuplsure has also been known to do wonders where unsuccessful CoolSculpting Treatments failed.

Cleared by the FDA, this non-invasive treatment offered at our MedGym™ uses a hyperthermic laser & thermal energy to disrupt fat cells in the treatment area.

The device is applied to the surface of the skin during one 25-minute treatment session per area. The Scuplsure laser heats up and breaks down fat cells beneath the surface in a process called lipolysis.

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There is no need for anesthesia and there is very little discomfort in the procedure. After treatment, patients can go right back to your normal routine. Absolutely no downtime is required.

Your body will naturally clear the disrupted cells over the next few weeks, resulting in losing fat, and inches from the treated area.

It takes between 6-12 weeks post-treatment before full results will be visible.

The Scuplsure treatment will also stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin, helping the skin in the treated area look more firm and smooth on the surface.

The Result:

An overall improved appearance and more confidence in (and out of) your favorite clothes, slimmer, smoother flanks, abdomen, arms, or thighs (or a combination of treatment areas, as determined by your consultation).

The Med Spa Austin is the FIRST IN AUSTIN to offer SculpSure.  This safe, comfortable, fast, and effective treatment for the reduction of stubborn fat in under half an hour can even fit into your lunch hour!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Sculpsure?

SculpSure reduces stubborn fat in areas such as the abdomen and love handles. This non-invasive body contouring system destroys up to 24% of treated fat cells without surgery in a fast and convenient 25 minute procedure.

How Many Sculpsure Treatments Will I Need?

In most cases, you will only need one session per treatment area.

How Do I Know If Sculpsure Is Right For Me?

SculpSure may be right for you if:

  • You are a non-smoker and in good general health
  • Anyone between the ages of 18 and 70
  • Your BMI is less than 30
  • You have mild to moderate excess fat in your abdomen, flanks, bra line, arms or thighs

Patients may need to consider a more traditional approach such as liposuction or a surgical procedure like a tummy tuck if you have a more significant amount of body fat to lose, or desire extensive body contouring,

What Areas Do You Treat With Sculpsure Laser Fat Melting?

Off-label it can be used in may other areas, but generally Sculpture is used to treat the abdomen, flanks, bra line, arms or thighs. This zero downtime procedure is completely non-invasive. It’s so easy and convenient that you can do this procedure on a lunch break. The Med Spa Austin is very lucky to be the first medspa in Austin to offer this groundbreaking procedure.

Who Is Sculpsure Right For?

SculpSure is perfect for individuals with trouble spots, especially those that seem resistant to diet and exercise.

How Many Sculpsure Treatments Are Needed?

Every person is different. Our professionals will develop a customized treatment plan to meet your desired goals at your complimentary consultation at our Austin Med Spa.

What Can Be Expected During My Sculpsure Treatment?

A tingling sensation can be felt intermittently throughout the treatment which is generally well-tolerated. Unlike Coolscuplting, this is not a painful treatment and is a new improved way to melt fat from those troubled areas.

How Soon Will I See The Results From Sculpsure?

Most patients start to see results as early as 6 weeks following their Sculpsure treatment as the body begins to evacuate the destroyed fat cells. Optimal results are usually seen in about 12 weeks.

How Long Will The Sculpsure Results Last?

Once treated fat cells are destroyed during the treatment they will not regenerate.

How Long After A Scuplsure Treatment Can Normal Activities Be Resumed?

You can have the treatment during your lunch hour and return to work immediately. There is no downtime with SculpSure.

Call The Med Spa For Sculpsure Treatment In Austin, TX!

For more information on Sculsure treatments or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Jennifer Walden’s MedGym™, contact us today! Dial 512-328-4100 today or fill out the form in our contact page. Our practice serves Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.



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