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Austin Laser Hair Removal

The Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal Austin

Why choose laser hair removal over other hair removal techniques like waxing or plucking? There are many benefits to laser treatments including:

  • Unlike shaving and waxing, laser technology can be used to selectively target dark, coarse hairs, and leave surrounding skin undamaged.
  • Very fast!: Laser light is emitted in super-fast pulses which take a fraction of a second each. The upper lip can be treated in under a minute, and large areas like the back or legs take up to an hour.
  • Super effective: Laser hair removal offers a permanent solution. You can expect permanent hair loss after an average of 6-8 sessions.

What Areas Does Laser Hair Removal Treat?

Laser hair removal can be performed nearly anywhere on the body. The few exceptions include skin that is tattooed and the skin around the eyes. The most common places for the removal of unwanted hair include the:

  • Legs
  • Face/beard
  • Underarms
  • Bikini area
  • Back
  • Arms

How Many Treatments of Laser Hair Removal Do I Need?

It can take between six and eight sessions, sometimes more, to achieve the results that laser hair removal has to offer. The reason you want to have laser hair removal is that you want to get rid of hair in a certain area of your body. You want to stop shaving or waxing or plucking. To accomplish this, we've got to continue laser treatments through an entire hair growth cycle. You can expect your session to be scheduled at four to six-week intervals. During your consultation, your provider will carefully evaluate your skin and hair using the Fitzpatrick scale as a guide. This helps them reach an accurate estimate of your best treatment parameters. If your hair is very light or your skin is on the darker side, you may need more than eight sessions to achieve lasting results. Whatever number of sessions is right for you, you'll know after your consultation!

When Will I Start to See Results?

You can expect to start seeing the effects of your laser hair removal treatment right away. Within a few days of your appointment, the hair in the treatment area should begin to slough off. At first, it may look thinner and lighter, and then it simply won't be there. You may notice some degree of regrowth in between your sessions. This is usually lighter, thinner, and less dense than previous hair growth. With each session, the amount of hair growth that occurs should lessen.

How Long Does a Laser Hair Removal Session Take?

The duration of your visits to our Austin office for laser hair removal is determined by your treatment area or areas. Most treatments are done within 90 minutes. That's for larger areas. Smaller areas such as the underarms or the upper lip may take less than half an hour. Depending on your treatment area, we may allow a bit more time for your appointment so we can apply a numbing cream to your skin. This can help with more sensitive areas when left to activate for approximately 30 minutes.

What Type of Laser Will be Used?

At our Austin med spa locations, we're always looking at how we can improve! Our facilities are equipped with the best technologies we've come across in our training events and professional circles. To stay at the cutting edge of cosmetic treatments, we may periodically expand our laser equipment. If you're curious about the laser devices that are currently in use in our office, please feel free to give us a call before your consultation.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Laser hair removal isn't painful but it's also not painless. The intensity of the sensations that you feel can be influenced by several factors. For example, some areas of the body are more sensitive than others. You also have your own pain threshold that determines how your treatment feels. Finally, for women, the menstrual cycle can influence pain tolerance. If you're a woman who wants to have laser hair removal done as comfortably as possible, consider scheduling your treatments about a week after your period. It is at this time of the month when there is less tissue sensitivity. During laser hair removal treatments, the primary form of discomfort is a minor snapping sensation on the skin as the laser pulses energy into the hair follicles. With each pulse, the hair in the follicles is vaporized. Then, the heat from the hair travels to the walls of the hair follicle. Fortunately, these sensations are quick to pass. After your treatment, your skin may feel hot, like you've gotten a sunburn. Your provider can discuss how you can mitigate this side effect to manage your comfort level.

No plucking, waxing or electrolysis in the area to be treated for at least six weeks before treatment. The laser targets the hairs’ roots, which are temporarily removed when you wax or pluck it out. In addition, avoid sun exposure for six weeks before and after treatment, as this makes laser hair removal less effective and makes post-treatment complications more likely.

What To Do Before Laser Hair Removal?

What To Expect With A Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Our skilled laser specialists will adjust the laser according to the color, thickness, and location of the specific hair follicles that are to be removed. Your skin color will also be determined and measured via the Fitzpatrick scale. This is a tool that is utilized among skin care professionals to determine proper treatment guidelines. In some cases the area will be numbed. You will feel a sensation similar to a ruber band zapping the skin, along with some heat

Laser Hair Removal Austin Side Effects

We use an advanced form of broadband light to ensure your laser hair removal side effects are kept to a minimum, or not at all.

Laser Hair Removal Austin Price

If you’re concerned about the price, think of the cost of NOT getting laser hair removal. Shaving, waxing and the time involved can be eliminated with laser hair removal.



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