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Emsculpt Austin

Emsculpt Austin is an incredible body sculpting system which builds muscle and tackles stubborn fat for optimum contouring results. Dr. Jennifer Walden offers this at her MedGym™ and is one of the first to offer this treatment in the Austin, TX area. It is suitable for use on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks to help you achieve a sleeker, stronger and more toned physique.

Unlike many other non-surgical procedures which address only excess skin and fat, Emsculpt Austin also works to tone the muscles. This allows it to enhance the shape of the body while simultaneously increasing muscle strength and stamina.

How Does Emsculpt Work?

Emsculpt applies high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy, also known as HIFEM energy, to the abdomen or buttocks in order to induce powerful muscle contractions. These contractions work to build muscle mass and help increase the metabolism of fat in the targeted area. As a result, muscles become stronger and larger, while stubborn pockets of fat are eliminated.

A single 30-minute treatment session with Emsculpt Austin offers the equivalent of 20,000 squats or crunches. These results are simply incomparable to exercise; it would take hours and hours of intense gym time over the course of several months to achieve the same results without Emsculpt.

How Many Emsculpt Treatments Are Needed?

For optimum results, most people have four Emsculpt treatment sessions over the course of two weeks. Each session should be spaced two to three days apart, which means that most have two sessions each week. You can expect to see some results at the end of this course of treatments, but results will gradually become more and more visible over the three months following treatment.

Once the initial course of treatment is over, patients tend to have additional treatments every six months or so in order to maintain optimum results.

Who Is Emsculpt Suitable For?

In Austin, Emsculpt is most effective for those who are struggling to achieve a perfectly toned and sculpted figure through exercise alone. Sometimes fat clings stubbornly to the abdomen or buttocks, and it’s tough to work off, even with a healthy diet and exercise regime. The most strenuous of exercise often isn’t enough to achieve the very powerful muscle contractions delivered by Emsculpt in Austin.

For those who simply don’t have time to spend hours and hours at the gym every week, or those who want to maximize the results they’ve achieved through exercise, Emsculpt is an excellent solution.


How Does Emsculpt Compare To Surgical Body Sculpting Procedures?

Emsculpt is completely painless, doesn’t involve anesthesia, requires no downtime, doesn’t pose the risk of infection or complications, and is significantly more affordable than surgery.


No. The device forces deep involuntary muscle contractions but should not feel painful. Patients often report a pulling or tugging sensation that they quickly get used to. Because the contractions occur in rapid succession, there is little time for the body to process the sensation as pain. Patients should keep in mind that their friendly provider has the ability to make adjustments to the device settings. If you request, they can turn down the intensity of your treatment at any time!


No. After the brief treatment session, it’s possible to go right back to your normal activities. You can even exercise the day of your Emsculpt treatment.


The Emsculpt body-toning device works completely non-invasively. The energy that travels through the upper layers of tissue lands in the deep muscular structure, resulting in thousands of muscle contractions. The depth of the target area lends to minimal side effects and zero downtime. After an Emsculpt session, expect some mild soreness. Your muscles did get a good workout, after all. That said, the nature of the forced muscle contractions prevents the buildup of lactic acid in tissue, so Emsculpt patients don’t get the soreness and burn that would from a strenuous workout.


Patients who get Emsculpt for a tighter abdomen may finally get that six-pack they’ve wanted. Emsculpt buttocks treatment can improve not only tone but also the shape of the buttocks, creating a lifted appearance. To achieve these results, patients often need a series of treatments. These take place a few days apart until the series is complete. Results usually start to become noticeable about two weeks after the final treatment. From there, the muscle toning continues for several more weeks and can be sustained nicely with regular exercise going forward. According to clinical data, the Emsculpt process can increase muscle mass in the target area by up to 16%. The treatment boasts a 96% satisfaction rate among its thousands of clients.


Patients may schedule up to six Emsculpt sessions in their initial treatment plan. After that series is complete, the results of the procedure can be maintained with regular exercise. Because there is no comparison to Emsculpt, though, patients often schedule a single touch-up session every two to three months.

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