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What’s the Difference Between EmSculpt Neo and EmSculpt?

What’s the Difference Between EmSculpt Neo and EmSculpt?

Nonsurgical body contouring treatments have changed the way we look at fat-reduction and, now, the way we look at sculpting muscle tissue. A number of devices have been developed over the past decade to achieve outstanding results. Most of them focus on the issue of unwanted fat. EmSculpt focuses on building muscle, which sets it apart from other technologies. After EmSculpt had been out for some time, though, we were gifted with a second platform, EmSculpt Neo. Here, we discuss how they differ. 

​​​​​​What is EmSculpt?

EmSculpt was the original body sculpting device to use what is referred to as HIFEM™. The device delivers high intensity focused electromagnetic energy into deep muscle tissue, where it causes ultra-fast and intense contractions. The muscle contractions forced by controlled HIFEM technology are far more effective than what we can do in a gym, not in a single workout but in dozens! According to clinical studies, one EmScupt session equates to about 20,000 crunches or squats. The intensity and speed of contractions results in an increase in muscle fibers and muscle strength. Patients normally feel a little sore after an EmSculpt treatment, as one would expect. However, there is no downtime needed. Soreness is similar to what would occur after a tough workout.

What is EmSculpt Neo?

EmSculpt Neo also uses electromagnetic energy during sessions. It combines that energy with radiofrequency, though, to create a highly effective treatment that targets fat, muscle, and skin. Clinical studies suggest that EmSculpt neo can achieve up to 30% fat reduction in a target area. Due to the depth at which this treatment works, patients may even lose some degree of the visceral fat that accumulates deep within the abdominal cavity. For the record, visceral fat cannot be removed with liposuction or other procedures. Historically, the only way to target it was through diet and exercise. In addition to losing unwanted fat, EmSculpt Neo patients can strengthen muscle tone up to 25% and achieve noticeable skin tightening using comfortable 30-minute sessions. The technology works by causing rapid, intense muscle contractions while, at the same time, increasing tissue temperature where fat cells are stored. The temperature increase along with muscle contractions causes the rapid destruction of fat cells. The body naturally metabolizes and flushes them over time. 

Let’s face it, body contouring can be hard without some type of help. With EmSculpt and EmSculpt Neo, we’re helping the body do what it does naturally, only faster. To learn more, contact one of our Austin Med Spa locations today. 

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