How Painful Are Chemical Peels?

face woman natural healthy cosmetic skin As we age, our skin sees the most effects and aesthetic changes. Along with the loss of volume and tightness that comes from less collagen production inside your body, your skin can also begin to look dull or worn.

A regular and vigilant skin care routine with high-quality products can help slow the effects of aging from appearing on your skin’s surface. However, they sometimes might not be enough to give you the aesthetics you want.

Chemical peels are a great way to resurface the skin on your face and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and other blemishes. In an in-office treatment that can be completed in about an hour, the expert aestheticians at the MedSpa in Austin, TX, will use a formulation specifically chosen for your skin type and condition to remove the outmost and dull layer of skin.

During your appointment, the specific formula of chemicals is gently applied to certain areas of your face. Most patients report a mild stinging sensation while the chemicals work. Rarely does moderate discomfort or pain occur.

After a specific amount of time, determined by which formula was used, the peel solution is rinsed off your skin. A soothing and cooling ointment is applied to help promote healing and reduce any residual discomfort.

Over the next few days, the outermost layer of skin will begin to peel away, revealing a fresh and healthy layer below. This is most commonly compared to moderate sunburn, and any lingering discomfort or pain can be reduced with aloe or other soothing lotions or creams.

Don’t let the fear of a painful treatment or recovery drive you away from considering a chemical peel to help achieve your aesthetic goals. The expert aestheticians at the MedSpa in Austin, TX, can walk you through the peel process and answer your questions about the procedure and care after.

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