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Want to Slim Down Without Lipo? Check Out What SculpSure Can Do!

Want to Slim Down Without Lipo? Check Out What SculpSure Can Do!

People who want to slim down a particular area of the body are often told they “can’t spot reduce fat.” This may be true when spoken by a personal trainer or nutritionist, but it is an absolute possibility at the MedSpa in Austin! Here, we discuss why so many people are turning to SculpSure to get the shape they’ve worked hard for. 

The goal of SculpSure treatment is to cause fat cell death without trauma to surrounding tissue and also without inflammation. The device releases varying degrees of laser energy delivered at pulse durations over a 25-minute period. These pulses of energy disrupt fat cells in the target area with minimal discomfort. Our clients do not need anesthesia to tolerate SculpSure treatments, nor do they require downtime. Our staff is right there to assist with adjustments if needed to make the process comfortable.

SculpSure may be used to reduce fatty tissue in the abdomen, flanks, bra line, arms,thighs, and chin. Often, improvements can be noticed after just one session. However, most clients are not seeking mere improvement; they are interested in noticeable changes to their contours. To achieve this, we may recommend a set of 2 to 3 sessions scheduled about 6 weeks apart. It is at that six-week mark when the effects of each treatment tend to peak. According to surveys, SculpSure achieves up to 24% fat reduction in the target area. This conservative body-contouring treatment boasts a 90% satisfaction rate for a reason! A 24% reduction may not change the scale, but it most certainly changes the look of the body; and that’s the whole goal. 

People interested in SculpSure can schedule appointments to address multiple treatment areas in one visit. Each area takes 25 minutes using up to 4 treatment panels. After each session, the body’s immune system works to absorb and eliminate the destroyed fat cells. The flushed cells do not grow back. This means that, with healthy lifestyle habits, the results of SculpSure treatment can be long-lasting. Get the body contouring help you need from our friendly, all-female staff. Contact the MedSpa today to schedule your SculpSure consultation.

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