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Aviva is life changing for women who are self-conscious, unhappy with the way their genital area appears or having pain with intercourse due to laxity. The two main reasons for having this procedure are discomfort and aesthetics. Many women feel discomfort or irritation when wearing tight clothing, having sexual relations, playing sports or even just exercising. Other women just want a better or more youthful genital appearance. Many women are born with large or irregular labia, while others develop this condition after childbirth or with aging. Traditionally, labiaplasty surgery has been performed under general anesthesia in a hospital required cutting away excess tissue, stitches, several days of recovery, post surgical care and a lengthy break from sexual activity.

On the other hand, the Aviva procedure dramatically reduces recovery time,
uses a local anesthetic and requires no stitches. It's easy, safe, has a quick return to activities and gives women back peace of mind about their genital appearance.

What Is the technology behind Aviva? A safe and effective treatment, Aviva is different because it uses RFAL (Radio­ Frequency Assisted Lipolysis) to address some of the shortcomings associated with traditional surgical labiaplasty. Our team uses energy both internally and externally which tightens skin layers as it removes unwanted bulky tissue resulting in a more youthful, tighter appearance.

Until Aviva there really weren't any other non-surgical solutions that could dramatically reduce the size of the labia. Performed under local anesthesia, Aviva permanently extracts unwanted thickness through pinpoint introduction sites and then tightens and shrinks the tissue usingthe power of radiofrequency. Because tissue is immediately eliminated, it is a true form of reduction. The results are permanent with most patients back at work without restriction immediately. Patients usually only require one treatment per area. Aviva improves over a period of a few months and the full extent of results take up to 3-6 weeks to be visible.


  • Non-surgical alternative to traditional labiaplasty
  • No stitches, scarring or lengthy downtime
  • Tightens the labia minora, labia majora, clitoral hood and mons pubis
  • Improves clitoral stimulation
  • Tightens the vaginal opening for improved sensation with intercourse



Plus, for each visit, earn rewards like:

  • (1) EmSculpt or EmSculpt NEO Treatment

  • 10-Units of Botox

  • EON Robotic Laser Fat-Reduction Treatment

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