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Evovex Exosomes

Introducing Evovex Exosomes!

EXOVEX is the latest innovation in regenerative medicine featuring exosomes. Using a proprietary manufacturing process creating the highest concentration of growth factors available on the market, EXOVEX provides a revolutionary product with the potential for revenue generation that delivers exceptional results with hair restoration.

How Do Exosomes Work?

Exosomes expose your cells to new growth factors. A growth factor is a protein, and it stimulates cells to grow, differentiate, proliferate and heal.Exosomes are basically a by-product of a stem cell. In your body, exosomes are released from certain cells, and then travel throughout the body carrying messages to other cells. They contain genetic information and prompt cells to behave in certain ways.

n regenerative medicine applications, exosomes are injected into the treatment area. The exosomes most often come from mesenchymal stem cells harvested from amniotic fluid. These young exosomes communicate with the cells in the treatment area, stimulating the healing process and reducing inflammation.

Hair Restoration w Exosome’s Injection’s (no microneedling):

450B 5ml vial: $3,000 Intro Special: $2,500
100B 5ml vial: $2,000 Intro Special: $1,799

With Microneedling: Add $399

Now Offering…EXOSOMES! Introductory Specials:


Microneedling w/ Topical Exosomes:
25B Vial$1,100 per treatment (Regularly $1,225 <> $125 savings)
25B Vial$3,300 for Series of 3 (Regularly $ 3,450 <> $150 savings)
12B Vial$750 per treatment (Regularly $825 <> $125 savings)
12B Vial$2,375 for Series of 3 (Regularly $2,250 <> $150 savings)


Morpheus8 w/ Topical Exosomes – FACE & NECK:
25B Vial$2,150 per treatment (Regularly $2,300 <> $150 savings)
25B Vial$6,300 for Series of 3 (Regularly $6,450 <> $150 savings)
12B Vial$1,800 per treatment (Regularly $1,900 <> $100 savings)
12B Vial$5,250 for Series of 3 (Regularly $5,400 <> $150 savings)


Hair Restoration w/ Exosomes Injections – NO MICRONEEDLING:
450B Vial$2,700 (Regularly $3,000 <> $300 savings)
100B Vial$1,800 (Regularly $2,000 <> $200 savings)


25B Vial$2,100 per treatment (Regularly $2,200 <> $100 savings)
25B Vial$6,150 for Series of 3 (Regularly $6,300 <> $450 savings)
12B Vial$1,7000 per treatment (Regularly $1,800 <> $100 savings)
12B Vial$4,950 for Series of 3 (Regularly $5,100 <> $450 savings)


25B Vial$2,800 per treatment (Regularly $2,900 <> $100 savings)
25B Vial$8,250 for Series of 3 (Regularly $8,400 <> $450 savings))
12B Vial$2,400 per treatment (Regularly $2,500 <> $100 savings)
12B Vial$7,050 for Series of 3 (Regularly $7,200 <> $450 savings)

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