Bid Farewell to Abdominal Fat with Eon Body Contouring

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Have your diet and exercise habits reduced your abdominal circumference by one to two inches? Have your efforts resulted in a drop of at least two belt sizes? If you’re looking for alternative ways to finally eliminate unwanted belly fat for good, chances are your lifestyle habits haven’t achieved these kinds of benefits. Perhaps you’re wondering if your only option is to have liposuction to finally eliminate stubborn fat for good. You may have another choice. At the Medspa Austin, we’ve been enjoying helping our clients whittle their middles using the latest laser technology. The FDA-cleared EON touchless laser system, as studied in 2019, is proven to reduce abdominal fat by 21.6% to 25.3%. With more than 96% of patients reporting that they would recommend this treatment to others, we think it’s worthy of some serious consideration.

What is EON body contouring?

EON is a no-contact laser body contouring system that has been designed with stubborn abdominal fat in mind. The device is capable of treating a larger surface area at one time with little risk to the skin. It can stimulate significant fat reduction via apoptosis by heating adipose tissue to about 50° C. At the same time, the kin is protected by cooling that involves jet impingement technology. Not only does the jet impingement technology protect the skin, but it also makes the treatment process more comfortable for the patient. During treatment, laser energy is consistently passed through to the layer of subcutaneous fat via a microprocessor-controlled articulated robotic arm. This arm smoothly makes multiple passes over the treatment area to deliver precise measures of energy, resulting in beautiful, uniform contouring.

What Can I Expect from My EON Treatments?

EON treatments take place in a comfortable treatment room. There is no need for topical or local anesthetic. Patients lie comfortably on the treatment table with their abdominal skin exposed to the device applicator. The robotic arm is set up and the device platform is adjusted to the right setting. Initially, the device scans and maps the topography of the abdomen using smart sensor technology. As the robotic arm delivers laser energy to the adipose fat, a warming and prickly sensation may occur. This does not become painful because the cooling technology works simultaneously to prevent excessive heat buildup.

One of the aspects of the EON procedure that patients like the most is that the noninvasive treatment does not incur any downtime. It is possible to go right back to work and other activities immediately. Patients may even go to the gym or resume their normal exercise routine without any interruption. Due to the deep heating involved in the EON procedure, slight redness is likely. The treated area may also feel firm, sore, or tender for a short time. These side effects are a natural byproduct of the mild inflammatory response that occurs after laser energy is absorbed.

Is EON Right for Me?

Unlike some laser treatments, EON has been approved for use on all Fitzpatrick skin types. The procedure is suitable for most people for whom stubborn abdominal fat just won’t seem to budge. Ideally, the patient’s BMI is 30 or lower. To find out what EON can do for your abdominal contours, contact the Medspa Austin today. We’re happy to schedule a visit for you at our Westlake or Northwest Hills location.



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